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5 Easy Steps to Buying a Sofa Bed Mattress Replacement

Buying a new sofa bed can be an exciting process. There are, however, a number of things to remember before making your purchase. Check out our 5 easy steps to buying a replacement mattress for your sofa bed.


It is not recommended that you measure your existing or old sofa bed mattress. This is because years of wear and tear may have changed the dimensions of the mattress. The most accurate way to measure the size of your sofa bed is to take a measurement of the actual frame. You will need to measure the length as well as the width of the inside portion of the frame. Remember that these need to be measured accurately to the last inch.

Here are some of the most common mattress size measurements:

Queen: 60″x72″

Full: 52″x72″

Three Quarter: 48″ x 72″

Twin: 38″x72″

Single: 24″x72″

Mattress thickness

This is a very important measurement, buying the wrong thickness for your mattress may result from I you not being able to fold your sofa bed. Usually, the standard thickness for a sofa bed mattress is 4.5″. If you measure your current mattress thickness and it is anywhere between 4″ to 5″ thick ordering a 4.” A mattress should fit without any issues. If your mattress is less than 4″ think you cannot order a 4.5″ mattress or you will run into issues. Call up your local bed store and ask for advice.

Choose your material

There are a number of mattresses to choose from but the most common types of replacement mattresses for sofa beds are natural latex or memory foam. Memory foam is by far the most popular choice here. This can be attributed to its soft cushion firm feel. Many believe it is also an excellent choice for those making use of the beds every night. This also makes it perfect for the occasional out of town guest. It is also recommended by a number of chiropractors and physicians due to its ability to relieve pressure from key points across the body.

Ask Questions

When you are in the process of choosing a retailer for your new mattress to make sure you are dealing with a reputable company. Have a look at a number of online reviews of the company to get a good sense of how well they treat their customers. Read through their policies carefully. To make sure you have the right company, you can ask the following questions:

If you are not happy, will you be able to return the mattress?

Will you be refunded for your purchase?

Are they able to assist with measurements, especially for special sizes?


Once you are happy with your choice of company and also with the mattress you have chosen, your final step in the process and quite simply the easiest is to buy your new mattress. Whether you are making use of the services in a store or online be sure to tell others about your experience. Many businesses rely on satisfied customers to spread the word for them.