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Caring For a Handmade Rug

What makes handmade rugs so popular is their ability to withstand wear and tear after a long period of use. As great as handmade rugs are, this doesn’t mean that they are indestructible and will last forever. If subjected to harsh conditions, the rugs may wear out or tear sooner than you can expect. But if it’s taken care of, it can serve you well. Here are tips from The owner of on how to care for your handmade rug.

1. Use a Suitable Underlay
A rug underlay does a marvelous job in protecting the rug from underfloor heating, cold damp drafts, and it also helps reduce wear and tear when it is compressed on the floor. It acts as a cushion. When buying an underlay for your rug, make sure you consider the material it’s made of, thickness and the purpose. You can opt for the thin rubber waffles or the heavy duty ones. There are also others which are sticky and help to minimize slipping of the rug.

It is advisable to ask for recommendations on which is the ideal underlay for your rug, from your rug retailer. Remember, the cheaper alternatives are not always best.

2. Vacuum It Frequently
Dirt contributes heavily to the wearing of handmade rugs. Therefore, vacuuming it at least once a week is an excellent idea. But, when vacuuming, ensure that you do not use a rotation head attachment. Just suction the dirt away.

The cons of a high speed rotation head is that it usually strips the tip of the yarn thus enhancing the wearing process. Also, when vacuuming you should be on the lookout of lose edging. When suctioned, it could cause damage to other parts of the hand-woven rug. You should also make a habit of turning over the rug and vacuuming the part beneath it.

3. Professional Rug Cleaning

DIY rug cleaning can only do so little in ensuring your rug lasts long. However, having it cleaned professionally is a guarantee that it will be restored to its original state. A rugs worst enemies are wine and coffee spills. The biggest mistake you can ever do is allowing these spills to settle for a longer duration. The longer they stay, the more difficult they become to remove.
Seeking help from a professional rug cleaning company will reinstate your rug back to its former glory. An expert cleaning company does have sufficient equipment and knowledge on how to clean carpets. It is advisable to schedule professional rug cleaning twice per year.

Handmade rugs are designed and woven to add beauty to our homes. If you intend to benefit from your carpet for an extended period, then you should make time to take proper care of it. Most people think that just by cleaning their rugs, that is enough to make them last. You must use an underlay and clean it efficiently. Moreover, if the room you have placed your rug is in contact with direct sunlight, you should install a UV blocking film on the window. UV light tends to make a rug fade in color.