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Closet Space Saving Solutions for Lofts & Bedrooms

Closet space can seem hard to come by. We converted our Maidenhead loft last year, mainly so we would have plenty more cupboard space. Learning how to maximize space can help get it all under control.

Wardrobe space in a living area that is large or small can be made convenient or inconvenient depending on how it is set up. Working with the smaller areas can take some doing to get completely organized. Once this is accomplished both space and time can be saved.

Cleaning Out

Before doing anything regarding organizing a wardrobe, the best starting point is to throw out or give away anything that has not been touched in a year or more. This includes clothes, hangers, belts, scarves and purses that are taking up room in the cupboard. The old adage “Out with the old in with the new” can be useful. According to Michael Boodro, Editor in Chief of Martha Stewart Living, “Whether you need to clean up a small cupboard or a large pantry, cutting down on clutter and installing creative storage solutions will make any space more manageable and pay dividends every day of the year.”

Tools for Organization

It is helpful to use good tools in the wardrobe to increase space. Tools for the closet may include flatter hangers which take up less space, use of drawers, racks for shoes and use of height. Finding drawer space for items that do not get used daily helps to cut back on clutter (scarves, bathing suits, hats, etc.). Hanging racks can help save space by using the wall to organize and therefore, frees up some room. The use of height may include shelf space that can be utilized to store items higher than face level that is within reach but may not be used daily.

Other Tips that Can Save Room and Time

Some other tips that can save space and even time when it comes to the closet are wrinkle reducer sprays, labelling items, and organizing clothes by theme. The wrinkle reducers can help to put away items for use (for example, cotton) which would normally require much ironing if taken out of the closet early in the morning. Labelling a piece of clothing for another time is helpful (needs dry cleaning or missing a button). Organizing clothes by theme helps to see all the choices (skirts by skirts and blouses by blouses).

To keep a closet in practical working order, remember to clean it out periodically (throwing or giving away items not in use for a year). Also, having the right tools to organize can make a difference (hangers, racks, bins, etc.). Finding small solutions can help save time in the morning (labelling and setting up pieces that are already wrinkle-free for quick use).