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Different Beds for Different Occasions

We were pleased to be able to move to a larger house. It meant we had a real family home. The children love it. We have two children and this means that they each have a room of their own. An extra bedroom is available for guests and we even have a garden. To keep down costs, in the extra furniture needed, we’ve only bought the basics.

We sold the bunk beds to a second-hand shop and splashed out on a couple of single Ottoman beds with storage in the base for each of the kids. As the furniture store offered us a good deal for the Ottomans, see here for their prices, we ended up buying several more items. I chose a double divan bed and two bedside tables for our new guest room, while my husband picked the bathroom accessories. Our old table can now be fitted into the kitchen, so we bought a more elegant modern table for the dining room.

The extra room in this house has made the hassle of changing homes well worth it. Even the dog is pleased with his new garden.


Sleepovers are very popular with young children these days. The girl next door is in the same school class as my daughter, Mary, while my son, Tom’s best friend only lives 4 doors away. This makes my home a target for sleepovers.

The two youngest are still small enough to go in the bunk beds and I have two divan beds installed in Tom’s room. While I want the children to have fun, I do lay down some rules. Television and computer games are limited. I try to encourage the kids to play traditional board games, play cards or do jigsaws. Luckily we have a lovely old chestnut tree in the garden with a swing fixed up on it.

I make sure that I always have plenty of fruit for snacks and make lots of microwave popcorn. My rules include bedtime at the normal hour, but unless I hear screams for help I don’t invade their space.

The worst part of sleepovers is getting all the children together for breakfast. However my children are used to making their own breakfast and can usually be coaxed into making some toast for their friends.

Apartment Decorating

My sister’s daughter has just left home and is full of enthusiasm about decorating her studio flat. This is little more than a single lounge cum bedroom with a tiny shower room and a surprisingly large kitchen. It is a rented property but the landlord is happy to get it freshly painted.

In the lounge area there are two divan beds that double as sofas. These have been covered with brightly coloured throws and a jumble of patterned cushions. The walls are going to be painted in a pale green and she plans to use a starkly contrasting rusty red on the doors. The shower room will be all white to help lighten it up. As the kitchen is a good sized room, she plans to make room for both a table and a small desk.

Most of what she needs can be found in local DIY outlets. The choice of paint colours is amazing; they also have bathroom accessories, lamp fittings, even doormats. For other different decorative items she’s looking in all the charity shops and car boot sales.