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Important Ways to Maintain an Air Conditioning Unit

It’s essential that you keep your air conditioner maintained. Not only will doing that save you money on energy and early repairs or replacements, but it’ll also extend its lifespan. Homeowners need to ensure that their A/C is operating at the highest efficiency. And to do that, regular attention is required. However, the amount of maintenance you can perform to your air conditioning unit is somewhat limited. But, some simple steps can make your A/C always to perform effectively and efficiently throughout. Here are some of the ways you can maintain this unit.

Change or clean the air filters regularly

The most important task you can do to your air conditioning unit is to replace or clean the air filters. Filters allow airflow in and out of the systems. If they are blocked and damaged, then the efficiency of the A/C will be significantly reduced. Experts advise that you change the air filters after 90 days but depending on the weather you can do it more frequently. Replacing and cleaning of the air filters will ensure filtration and increase the life span of your machine.

Straighten coil fins

Air conditioning units have aluminum fins on the evaporator and condenser coils. These fins tend to bend easily and hence block the flow of air through the coils. You should regularly straighten the coil fins to keep the machine working effectively. Air conditioning spares sellers sell a fine comb that will help comb these fins into their original shape.

Keep the air conditioner’s coils clean

The air conditioning unit has two coils: evaporator and condenser coils. They collect dirt over the months and years of service. When your filters are clean, it will prevent the evaporator from soiling quickly. However, with time, this coil is bound to accumulate dirt. When the dirt is too much, it reduces airflow and insulates the coil making it hard to absorb heat. It’s therefore imperative that you clean the evaporator coil once in every year.

Outdoor condenser coil can also be very dirty if the weather outside is dusty. Since you can easily see the condenser coil, it’s essential that you regularly inspect it to notice if dirt is collecting on its fins and clean the area around the coil. It’s also crucial that you minimize debris and leaves in the coil.

Avoid closing the registers completely

Homeowners having two-way story building know that the upper-level f is often warmer than the lower level when the air conditioner is running. That is so because hot air rises while cold air falls. Even though closing some registers on the cooler lower level will force more air out of the register upstairs, the cooler air will still come back downstairs, and the temperature becomes even more. This, in turn, leads to the A/C shutting off completely.

It’s thus essential that you balance the air temperatures by keeping the registers slightly but not completely closed. And again, make sure that the air supply vents aren’t blocked.

Examine the thermostat

Ensure that your thermostat is functioning properly and keeps your home at the right temperature always. If your thermostat is old, you should consider getting it upgraded to a programmable model, which will help you set the temperatures higher when no one is at home and cool it down for about thirty minutes before people arrive home.

It’s essential that you use these tips to keep you’re A/C unit well maintained. It’s also wise that you get a professional cleaning and inspection once a year. Before the cooling season begins, invite a service professional over to inspect the control box, coils, blades, compressor, and fun among other things.