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When You Have to Move to a New Home

When one must move to a new house, the entire experience may be quite unsettling. If you’ve lived your house or flat for any length of time, it’s quite likely that at this time, you’re going to be faced with the prospect of moving many items that are very dear to you.

Some of these may be large. A tall clock by the entry, perhaps even a piano. There can be a number of larger pieces of furniture. There may be a formidable couch in the lounge, one of those gigantic flat-screen boxes, etc. Then there’s the dining room with a beautiful bureau absolutely overflowing with perhaps your collection of Spode, interesting decorative objects as well, and in the cabinet beneath, a huge platter for the celebration of seasonal events along with serving bowls, etc. reserved for special occasions.

You look about you and it suddenly occurs to you that you never think about your possessions in your busy daily routines. But now, ah. The value you place on your furniture, even those small pieces. perhaps that serving platter belonged to your grandmother who got it from her grandmother. That simply cannot be replaced. And there are the cupboards, all overloaded with valuable if seldom used, pieces as well as all your clothing.

As the harsh reality of this move strikes you, the question immediately arises: How can you do this? In all probability, you won’t be able to handle the mechanics of moving all your household goods from one locale to another. You may even have an expensive cooker that must go with you.

You decide your only option is to call in a removal company.

You’ve heard horror stories. You saw the American film, Odd Jobs. You remember the removal company. Bodybuilder Jake Steinfeld laughing insanely while relentlessly slamming the bone china dinnerware into a barrel. Yes, you’ve heard stories. Lost furniture. Damaged objects. Many of your precious belongings may not be replaceable.

This may be the time to begin your search for a reliable removal firm.

You may have friends who can recommend a removal firm. This would be an advisable first step.

Although it may seem impolite, you might ask removal firms for some references. Internet sites such as Yelp offer reviews, but you remember that some warm reviews have been bought by some firm.

Removal firms do vary greatly, not only in the quality of service but in pricing.

You probably should not go with a firm that charges noticeably less than most. It’s unlikely that you’d want to hire someone with an old lorry who works independently and reeks of Guinness.

When you’ve found a company after having done your research, you may still want to take precautions.

Valuable, irreplaceable pieces should be carefully wrapped and if at all possible, transfer them yourself to the new location. As to the rest, you would do well to stand by, not interfering but watching to make certain that each large piece of furniture is handled properly.

Not all removal firms are equipped to move pianos. If you have a baby grand piano, there are firms that make a specialty of moving pianos. The legs have to be removed as well as other parts, and then all carefully wrapped in padded cloths. And upon settling in at your new digs, it will be necessary to have your piano tuned.

A reliable removal firm will have insurance, but you may already have insurance, or you may be able to purchase insurance for the removal to your new home.

In any case, moving can be not only a traumatic experience but an expensive one as well.

However, if you do your proper homework and follow some of the above advice, you should be able to see the move through without mishap and soon be relaxing in the comfort of your new home.